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Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams was inspired by a real incident when I was 19.

It reflects the challenges of being trans, the ignorance and bigotry that trans people face - and their own doubts. It’s set against the introduction of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

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Understanding Gender Variance


A Tale of Two Lives

The story of growing up as a RAF Brat; concealing a secret for years finally accepting what I was and doing something about it - and life after transition.

Gender Variance

Based on award winning workshops I’ve provided to a range of audiences including counsellors, NHS, Prison and Probation staff, Samaritans and others

Non Fiction

Operation Busted Flush

Faced with attacks on their community by the White House Administration, a group of transgender veterans decide to take action

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Transgender Tales

A combination of memoir and fiction

It includes a diary that I kept when I first moved to Manchester and was deciding whether or not I needed to transition completely as well as some humorous anecdotes from that period (1997-9). It also includes some stories that I wrote at the time for Cross Talk, the Northern Concord group magazine. - which are republished on this website.

Please look around – the coffee is in the filter machine, tea bags in the cupboard, sugar on the side and milk in the fridge (along with some soft drinks if you’d prefer).

I hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings.

Summer Dreams
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A tale of corruption, blackmail, revenge, drug smuggling, murder and personal discovery.

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Busted Flush



Chris's family don't know he cross-dresses.

If his wife ever found out, it could be the end of his marriage — and cost him his daughter.

But CAN his activities remain secret?

If not, what will the impact be?

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Imposter - due for release 8th September 2023

Jeff Shaw is transgender; he's been looking for a way of transitioning without causing financial problems for his family.

The train he’s on is bombed and Michelle and Glen, two fellow passengers he’s been talking to, are killed. Neither has family or friends to miss them and Jeff realises this is his opportunity for his male identity to be 'killed' in the incident and for him to reappear as Michelle.

But where did Michelle's substantial bank balance come from — and will it bring consequences in the future?


(Maybe I should call this section ‘Non-Binary’)


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