Most of my stories are based around the trans community – Aftermath is different. It looked at what could happen when the UK left the EU.

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22:00 hrs 5th May 2022

 “So, polling stations have now closed. Exit polls are showing the most unpredictable figures I’ve ever seen. What do you make of it Julian? ”

“It’s fascinating, Matthew. It’s clear that their internal disputes over Brexit have cost both Labour and Conservatives a large share of their votes. But will that translate into seats? If it does, will it be the new parties that benefit or the Liberal Democrats or Greens who were clear in their support of staying in the EU or at least holding a second vote.”

“The other issue is whether Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will vote for independence?”

Exit polls predict major losses for Con and Lab. Gains for UKIP Lib Dem IDP and Reconciliation Parties. 
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