Write about what you know is the old adage.

Fortunately, having been around for quite a few decades, I’ve had a great many experiences - mainly good, though not exclusively! So I think I can write about a wide range of incidents.

Where I don’t have direct experience, I’ve chatted with so many other people (as counselling clients, friends, members of groups I’ve been involved in and other acquaintances) that I know who to speak to and, of course, there is the Internet these days.

I hope, therefore, that my novels come across as “authentic” - it’s a pet hate of mine when an author describes something that simply couldn’t happen - or not in the way described. I find it destroys their credibility. I do hope I don’t fall into that trap - though I accept that we all make mistakes from time to time.

I hope you enjoy reading my work.


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My début novel, Summer Dreams,  was inspired by a real event and most of the incidents described (or something very similar) have happened - but the story and is a work of fiction as are the main characters. If you recognise some of the locations - that wouldn’t be surprising.

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Summer Dreams

Operation Busted Flush

Trump’s treatment of transgender people - especially those in the military - made me wonder what would happen if a group of trans veterans decided to take action.

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Busted Flush Changes


A tale of corruption, blackmail, revenge, drug smuggling, murder and cross-dressing - and personal discovery.

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Transgender Tales

Transgender Tales

Straddles the line between fiction and non-fiction.

It includes a diary that I kept when I first moved to Manchester and was deciding whether or not I needed to transition completely as well as some humorous anecdotes from that period (1997-9) but it also includes some stories that I wrote at the time for Cross Talk, the Northern Concord group magazine - which are republished on this website.



Chris's family don't know he cross-dresses.

If his wife ever found out, it could be the end of his marriage — and cost him his daughter.

But CAN his activities remain secret?

If not, what will the impact be?

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