I identify as female with a transsexual history - my preferred pronouns are she/ her.

I started treatment in 1998 after nearly 50 years identifying as transvestite (once I’d learned that there was a term for what I did) and two years deciding whether or not transition was what I needed to do - socially transitioning and started working full time (for Greater Manchester Probation) as female in 1999 and underwent surgery in 2000.

After joining GMPS (as it then was) I learned that I was the first openly transgender employee nationally in the Probation Service and provided workshops on trans issues for probation and prison staff (amongst others).

In 2000, I joined  LAGIP - the probation service LGBT staff association and served on the committee until my retirement. I have chaired a number of trans and LGBT support groups and helped form a:gender, the pan-civil service trans network and I’m one of only three ‘Honorary Life Members’.

As chair of the LGBT staff association for probation, I served on national and local Diversity Boards within Probation and National Offender Management Service and received a number of awards for work with trans individuals.

Since 2000, I’ve been a counsellor specialising in trans clients. I still offer this service - further details are on my www.tranzcare.info website.

Overall, I estimate that I’ve met well over 1,000 trans individuals who would previously been described as transsexual and many more who do not plan to transition permanently including cross-dressers, gender fluid, non-binary, drag artists/drag queens and some who identify as she-male. The discussions I’ve had with all of these individuals mean I have a huge wealth of information to draw on for my stories to ensure that they are authentic.

Since retiring, I’ve volunteered with Diversity Role Models - going into schools to talk to students about homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying - as well as starting to write.

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