It seemed to me that, with a few noticeable exceptions, almost all novels about trans people were victims of crimes, perpetuated myths or were basically erotica. I saw constant appeals for stories about ‘real trans people’ with authentic narratives and where the fact that they were trans was just one aspect of their lives.

I’ve tried to write stories that respond to that demand. Inevitably, there will be some characters that match some stereotypes - because that’s life; some of the characters will be sexually active - but I hope their stories are about more than just sex; and some of the characters will be victims - because trans people are abused just because they are trans.

I hope, too, that they won’t only appeal to trans people - but that a much wider audience will enjoy them and, perhaps, gain awareness of what it means to be trans.

I now have four books on Amazon plus some other projects in the pipeline:

I’ve split this website into



And other (short) stories.

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