An online diary I kept between 1997 and 1999 when I first moved to Salford. I chatted to lots of other trans people on line, many of who had never been anywhere “dressed” so I invited them to visit and go down Manchester’s Gay Village. This tells the story of those trips and others that I made with Vanity Club UK — a TV/TS club.

It also tells of my thoughts over that period when I started by identifying as transvestite but began to wonder if I was actually transsexual and if I would eventually need to transition permanently

There are descriptions of how I came out as trans to two of my oldest friends, at work and to my family — and the consequences of those steps

Three stories that I wrote at the time for Northern Concord’s magazine “Crosstalk” under the name Helen Williamson

A poem “Can You Tell Me What I Am?” which was written when I was questioning if I was TV or TS

And a number of other humorous anecdotes from the period.

I hope you enjoy it!

What readers say:

“Some great short stories about the dilemmas of being a TV in the early 80s 90s. The diaries reveal a hidden community proudly remembered for its peer support, mentoring and deep friendship. full of spirit and life.”

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