About Helen Tale of Two Liives

Summer Dreams was inspired by a real incident when I was 19.

It reflects the challenges of being trans, the ignorance and bigotry that trans people face - and their own doubts. It’s set against the introduction of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

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Transgender Tales Understanding Gender Variance


A Tale of Two Lives

The story of growing up as a RAF Brat; concealing a secret for years finally accepting what I was and doing something about it - and life after transition.

Gender Variance

Based on award winning workshops I’ve provided to a range of audiences including counsellors, NHS, Prison and Probation staff, Samaritans and others

Non Fiction

Operation Busted Flush

Faced with attacks on their community by the White House Administration, a group of transgender veterans decide to take action

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Transgender Tales

A combination of memoir and fiction

It includes a diary that I kept when I first moved to Manchester and was deciding whether or not I needed to transition completely as well as some humorous anecdotes from that period (1997-9) but it also includes some stories that I wrote at the time for Cross Talk, the Northern Concord group magazine. - which are republished on this website.

Please look around – the coffee is in the filter machine, tea bags in the cupboard, sugar on the side and milk in the fridge (along with some soft drinks if you’d prefer).

I hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings.

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A tale of corruption, blackmail, revenge, drug smuggling, murder and personal discovery.

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Busted Flush



Chris's family don't know he cross-dresses.

If his wife ever found out, it could be the end of his marriage — and cost him his daughter.

But CAN his activities remain secret?

If not, what will the impact be?

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