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Abigail Summer

Karin Bishop

I was told that, as an author, I should read as much as possible, especially work in the genre I planned to write. I’ve found that the vast majority of ‘transgender’ books are erotica or about forced feminisation or sissification. That’s fine, they certainly seem to sell well and some of the authors seem to be turning out a book every few days.

But they weren’t what I wanted to write. I wanted to write authentic stories with characters and circumstances that other trans people could identify with. I wanted to avoid, as far as possible, stereotypes and misconceptions. I didn’t want my trans character to be killed off in Chapter One because someone took exception to the fact that they were trans (though I DO have an idea for a novel where that will occur).

While reading other people’s work, I found some authors whose novels seemed to have similar ideas; where a character being trans is just a part of their history. As you will certainly read far faster than I can write, I’m more than happy to suggest that you try the following authors. I enjoyed their work and if you liked any of my stories, I think you’ll like them too.

Adrienne Nash

Tanya Allan

Jenny Walker

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